Providing support for those in need

The Foundation is able to offer a certain number of grants and repayable grants each year to financially unsupported (single) applicants in need. These can be awarded to:

  • women living within the county of Cambridgeshire and over 40;
  • widows, widowers, divorced or separated spouses of clergy who have served in the Church of England, the Church in Wales or the Scottish Episcopal Church;
  • clergywomen, deaconesses, missionaries or other women professionally connected to the Church of England.

The amount of any award will depend on the type of help required, and all decisions are at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.

Occasionally we also award ‘annual grants’, or regular support payments, to older applicants, normally over 60. These are reviewed annually. Any applicant for a grant will automatically be considered for an ‘annual grant’.

Please contact the Foundation if you would like an application form to apply for a grant.